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Fairly Wired – Skitter (video version)

The holiday season is just around the corner and I’m so glad I can share our new video with you all and give you something musical. I’m also very thankful that we have supportive friends helping out and throwing their creative talents into our band. Thank you my friends. You know who you are. Check out the video and share it if you like it!


Where it’s happening


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I woke up this morning (sure, around noon but I work nights, you know) and remembered a recent conversation with friends, which gives me a chance to drop a long overdue post on wellyouneedit. Ok, asked recently by longtime New Yorkers where to go hear some jazz in the Big Apple, I mentioned a few places, clubs and bars I’d heard of as well as the more hallowed historical venues. Ironically, I’ve never actually checked them out myself as I live in Paris, which also has its own jazz “scene”. So Smalls, Mezzrow, Fat Cat and the like are all pretty much good-sounding music fantasies in my mind, occasionally glimpsed on Youtube when nerding out on today’s musicians improvising after hours. To most people, including those who will half-heartedly admit they like “some jazz”, the music is mostly a defunct museum of long deceased people. Which is an interesting oddity as there are a lot more jazz musicians today worldwide than there were back in the golden age of jazz. The reasons they mostly fall off the radar of the cultural media are complex and difficult to pinpoint and I don’t want to get involved in this discussion.

However, I’d like to say this. The classic oneliner “jazz is at its best live” is still relevant today, and even more prominently I would say. In fact, it may be the only reason the music has survived and shape-shifted so much to this day. Because there is a slew of music lovers and performers committed to pushing the art form forward.

But going back to my New Yorker friends, I thought to myself, there is nothing really new about this. It’s always been hard to know where to go for good live music. Outside the well-advertised (not always advertised actually) top acts, catching a jazz show without anyone tipping you off can be challenging. You might see a familiar name in a leaflet or online magazine and decide to check them out, only to discover that the concert is cancelled or rescheduled. The music hides and its takes some tenacity to get anyone interested in looking for it.

Pianist Ethan Iverson recently spun off his popular and erudite Do the Math blog with a Do the Gig column (sign up here to receive the newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/ethaniverson) reviewing gigs happening in New York city. Here’s a screenshot I lifted from his blog. There are a lot of names I’m not familiar with but there are also big names that remind me how vibrant and diverse the music is. Given time and a little prompting from like-minded friends, I may engage in a similar endeavor some day, listing the acts that drift up on my local radar. Sometimes, you just have to get out – weather permitting – and hit the grimy streets like a hungry hound. You never know, you may stumble on something really, really good.

By the way, if you’re in town this Friday, our trio Fairly Wired will play at la Mairie du 3ème arrondissement, Paris. It will be cold outside. But we’ll make it warm inside.

Come out!

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Upcoming gigs

There comes a time when you have to stop talking about music and hit the bandstand.  If any of you happens to be in town (Paris) or France in September, Fairly Wired (in which I play bass) will be happy to perform their music. Come out!

Links below:



http://www.38riv.com/ (scroll down to September 27th)


Band promotion

So here it is. Our trio Fairly Wired is now officially online. Every Monday, we’ll post a new tune on our facebook page, soundcloud, and youtube. We’ll keep them coming until they run out. That should be two months from now. Happy listening everyone! And stay tuned.







new directions

Hello wellyouneedit followers and whoever stumbled upon this page just now,

After a one-year hiatus, It might be time for yours truly to move on and use this dormant blog for a different purpose. Lo and behold, I found one: my band! Getting lost in the massive amount of hip music blogs and sites out there is easy in this time and age, and I don’t think I can muster the intellectual stamina to contribute anything substantial on a regular basis.

So, I figured, all these so-called social media must be good for something, might as well use them if it can help get us to a bandstand in one way or another. I was never one for self-promotion to begin with,  and generally get self-conscious when I have to answer that yet simple question: what kind of music do you play? So, instead of discussing our music, I will simply link to it and hope for the best. Thank you all for reading. Wellyouneedit may one day rise from its ashes but now is the time for something different. So, share away! Link, “like”, “dislike”, “comment” (easy on the profanity though!).  Our music will be available one track at a time on soundcloud, starting May 15th, 2017. And we have a facebook page you can subscribe to (in French though but come on!)Oh, I almost forgot, the three of us are Fairly Wired. We play a kind of jazz music.

PS: Thanks to our dear friends Julien Ledru for desiging the visuals and Greg Marza for the upcoming videos.